Semantic Tools for Screen Arts Research (STARS) is a web-based resource that enables people to explore, search, play, select, annotate, tag and re-use online video.

STARS is an application based on Semantic Web technologies and serves as both an extensible record of screen and performance practices and provides a creative environment for interactively discovering and describing relationships among those practices. STARS connects to a wide range of distributed holdings, currently including Watershed‘s dShed and textual data compiled by the PARIP project. The STARS project ultimately aims to allow people to browse and search connections between people, online practice-as-research and networked screen arts media recordings: to search and view streaming video clips, search and read interview transcripts, annotate media and other data, update their own information, create new relationships among media and selectively re- use media to produce new works. It is hoped this will inspire new collaborations between artists across academic and other professional sectors and pave the way to more generic systems that can search and play audio-visual, online content, contextualised for specific domains.

STARS is a JISC-funded collaboration between University of Bristol‘s Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television and Institute for Learning and Research Technology and with Watershed‘s dShed (as part of its Arts Council England funded Thrive initiative). It depends on and is grateful for the participation of artist-scholars in the UK and beyond. Unless otherwise stated, works remain under the copyright agreements in place in their host domains.